Vintage shopping heaven

We love our second hand stores

We have heaps of fabulous vintage stores in Timaru District, full of great finds and bargains. From antique stores to charity shops and everything in between.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting is a cool initiative started right here in Timaru by Kirsten Wilson.

It's the go-to website to find second-hand shops, markets and garage sales wherever you travel between Christchurch and Dunedin, and she has plans to take the project nationwide.

"Finding antique and second hand shops can be an impossible treasure hunt in itself, even online details are often scarce, out of date or non-existent.

We pulled everything you want to know about buying antiques and second hand goods into one place; it’s a directory of shops, markets and garage sales called for shoppers to enjoy treasure hunting when they arrive during open hours.

Currently Treasure Hunting covers South Canterbury, North Otago and parts of wider Canterbury and Otago. Stay tuned the rest of New Zealand."

Travel sustainably

"Treasure hunting is more than just the shops it is also about local markets events, craft markets, fundraiser events.

Many of these markets also have an environmental purpose behind them. They're community driven, promote organic and locally made products. They are supporting local craftspeople and small start-up businesses, or simply local people selling their second-hand stuff.

As a traveller you can buy the things you need on the road and then when you're finished with them donate them back to the second-hand market so you don't have to pack them and take them home. For example a warm jacket.

Treasure Hunting is a fun activity to do while on holiday that doesn’t create any pollution or use any fuel other than the drive to get there."