Aoraki Tourism Brand

The Timaru District offers a warm welcome to visitors with some unique and surprising experiences.

Accordingly, the Aoraki Tourism brand is accessible, friendly, helpful with a warm southern welcome. By getting behind the brand, Timaru hospitality providers, retailers with loyal locals can spread the word and encourage potential visitors and tourists to come and discover Timaru and district for themselves.

Visual resources

On this page, you can download the Aoraki Tourism logo in several sizes for print or web, and find out how to use it as intended to support your marketing. There's also some other elements of the brand, such as the colour palette, fonts and photography style guide.

To make it easy to use the brand, we have the following resources:

  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Font specification
  • Photographic style


Download white logo 100px

Download white logo 500px

Download purple logo 100px

Download purple logo 500px

Logo minimum size

The Aoraki Tourism logo should be at least 30mm wide on graphic or 100px wide on web

Location on a page

The logo should always be placed on the lower right-hand corner of the advert. Any other logos incorporated into the advert will be placed alongside to the left of the logo

Colour Palette

It is vibrant, playful and energetic and uses strong contrasts to create a sense of dynamism

  • PMS: Pantone Solid Coated 2098 C
  • CMYK: C,63 M,81 Y,0 K,24
  • RGB: R,71 G,37 B,193
  • PMS: Pantone Solid Coated 2768 C
  • CMYK: C,100 M,55 Y,0 K,75
  • RGB: R,0 G,29 B,65
  • PMS: Pantone Solid Uncoated 3385 U
  • CMYK: C,100 M,0 Y,25 K,18
  • RGB: R,0 G,209 B,156
  • PMS: Pantone Solid Uncoated 7688 C
  • CMYK: C,100 M,29 Y,0 K,19
  • RGB: R,1 G,147 B,207

Font Specification

  • The Aoraki Tourism logo is Pluto font
  • Headings and body copy are source sans

Photographic style

Imagery seeks to capture relationships, shared experiences and discovery. Its mood is warm, friendly, fun and optimistic. Landscapes are typically captured with people enjoying their surrounds, ideally with the soft light of sunrise or sunset to better showcase the beauty of the place.

Stary night

Timaru Sky

Couple walkingKid skiing

Barrista made coffeeDelicious food