Bird watching at Washdyke lagoon

Enjoy the opportunity for birdwatching at the Washdyke Lagoon. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to see seals basking on the rocks along the coastal track.

Lagoon provides a coastal link for birds

The Washdyke Lagoon is a coastal link for birds on Department of Conservation land between Washdyke and north side of Timaru.  Near Smithfield Freezing Works there is a wildlife refugee. Washdyke Creek flows into the western side of lagoon and the Seadown Drain, a man-made drain, that drains farmland, flows south into the lagoon.

The lagoon reserve is utilised for bird watching, walking, fishing, photography, sunrises watching, field trips, whitebaiting and fishing, accessing the beach and general recreation. There are native fish, eels and cockabullies are present.

How to get there

There is a walking track that heads around the coast past rock pools at low tide at Smith Beach.The track passes layers of volcanic rock where an old lava stream met the sea and the old World War 2 gun emplacements from the lower track. The area is beautiful on a stormy day with waves battering the coast.