Temuka township


Our town of Temuka was once known by local Maori as "The Place of the Hot Ovens", or Te-umu-kaha, as they used huge earthen ovens bake the roots of the cabbage tree.

We are known world-wide for our iconic Temuka pottery, but our small township has plenty more to offer.

5 things to see and do in and around Temuka

Temuka Pottery

Temuka Pottery is world famous and we've been producing it since 1931. Temuka Pottery now features an array of colourful and fashionable designs, available to view and purchase at the Temuka Pottery Shop.

Richard Pearse

Just ask anyone in Temuka who flew first, Richard Pearse or the Wright Brothers, you are sure to get the right answer.

Our man Richard Pearse, well he was known locally as “Mad Pearse” or “Bamboo Dick” just because he used bamboo in the construction of his flying machines. In either 1903 or 1904, he took his first flight, watched only by a few neighbours,   he taxied his home-built machine into position, opened the throttle and lifted off, flying just a short distance before landing ignominiously in a gorse hedge.

Want to know more?  Then check out the Richard Pearse website or visit the Richard Pearse Memorial, Main Waitohi Road, Waitohi, South Canterbury.

Temuka Courthouse Museum

The Temuka Courthouse Museum is a great way to find out about our rich history.   We used this amazing ornate building as a courthouse right up until 1979.

The museum is open on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm, Labour Weekend to Queen’s Birthday Weekend, or by arrangement with the Temuka Information Centre.

The Temuka Domain

Our Domain has something for everyone there are sports grounds, a skate park, a mini golf course, a children's playground, an awesome aviary, colourful gardens, stately trees and an area of native bush called Gunnions Bush, named after Mr T Gunnion as he planted it way back in 1910.  Our Domain covers 75 hectares of land and is great place to play in, have a picnic or just sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

Go Fishing

Anglers from around the world are drawn to our fine fishing rivers especially where the Rangitata and Opihi rivers meet the Pacific Ocean.

We're proud of our quinnat salmon, but our whole area is also well known for its excellent trout fishing and the variety of nearby waterways.

For more information about fishing seasons and licences, check out Central South Island Fish and Game.