Lake & river tours

Our lakes and rivers are popular for a range of adventure tours from rafting and canyoning through to fly fishing.

Rafting tours with Hidden Valleys

Geraldine adventure tourism firm Hidden Valleys are a one-stop-shop when it comes to rafting tours.

With them, you can head in the back country for rafting tours of between two to five days.

They offer tours to suit all ages and all abilities.

They say their Grey River Rafting Tour is good if you want peaceful isolation, while their three-day Landsborough River Rafting Tour offers plenty of white water rapids.

Hidden Valleys will take you to the South Island’s remote West Coast for heli-rafting – and also offer half-day and one-day rafting trips suited to families.

Find out more on the Hidden Valleys.

Rafting tours with Rangitata Rafts

Rangitata Rafts is another local adventure operator based at Peel Forest, 57 kilometres from Timaru.

Their most popular rafting trip is the Grade 5 Rangitata Gorge guided tour that runs every day from October to May.

They also offer a family-friendly Grade 2 Lower Gorge tour.

Find out more on the Rangitata Rafts.

Canyoning tours with Big Rock Canyons

If you like the sound of jumping into pools, sliding down chutes and abseiling rocks and waterfalls – all within a wild forest landscape – then canyoning could be for you.

Geraldine-based Big Rock Canyons offer tours suited to a range of ages and experience.

Find out more by visiting the Big Rock Canyons.

Fishing tours with Glendeer and Stravon

Timaru-based Glendeer Fly Fishing Guides offer guided fly fishing tours throughout the region.

Stravon Safaris, also based in Timaru, do the same.