Youth Bible Camp: Acts 13-28 - Firm Foundation New Zealand

Raincliff Youth Camp and Conference Centre, Pleasant Point, South Canterbury
Our fourth youth Bible camp will complete the book of Acts as we closely follow the amazing ministry of the apostle Paul. Campers will spend 18+ hours over five days immersed in one of the most exciting books of the Bible, the divinely-inspired history of the early church. 

Paul, the primary character, is a true hero, worthy of our close attention and imitation. Morning and evenings will be spent studying God’s word. Afternoons are dedicated to fun outdoor and indoor activities. After the camp, youth are encouraged to complete their workbooks with their parents at home and send them to us so that they can attend the next camp, which will likely take place in July and cover Genesis 1-11.

Ages: 8-16

Cost per family: $100 (1 youth), $175 (2 youth), $250 (3 youth)

To register: Contact Jeff at 027 557 9314 or
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