Meditation and Modern Buddhism Weekly Classes

MindfulMe, Timaru, South Canterbury
This event is a weekly drop in class.

The teaching and guided meditations are recordings from Buddhist Nun, Kelsang Luma’s, weekly classes at Kalpa Bhadra Buddhist Centre in Christchurch. Each class consists of a guided meditation and a talk based on Buddhist wisdom. Classes are suitable for everyone. Join in any week, booking is not required.

Everyone is welcome.

Class topics:
- Solving our Daily Problems with Love – week of 7 May to week of 21 May 3 weeks
- Most of us feel there is room for improvement in our relationships with our partner, at work, or with our family and friends. On this course we will explore how Buddhist meditation has the power to profoundly improve and transform our relationships, both past and present. Learn how to let go of painful attitudes and replace them with love, respect for others, patience and kindness.

10 May – Removing Unbalanced Attitudes
17 May – Five reasons to Love Others
24 May – Cherishing Others – Our Main Practice

Developing Self Confidence – week of 28 May to week of 18 June 4 weeks.
Learn how to develop a positive view of yourself and develop an authentic inner confidence by learning to change the way you view yourself and those around you.

31 May – Mirror of Honesty
7 June – Others are Precious
14 June – How to be Faultless
21 June – Unsurpassed Confidence

Following in Buddha’s Footsteps – week of 25 June to week of 30 July 6 weeks.
By following in Buddhas footsteps we can discover a life of great meaning and benefit to others by training in giving, moral discipline, patience, joyful effort, concentration, and wisdom.

28 June – Giving
5 July – Moral Discipline
12 July – Patience
19 July – Effort
26 July – Concentration
2 Aug – Wisdom

Conquering our Most Harmful Delusion – week of 6 August to week of 27 August 4 weeks.
In this course we will find out the real source of all our pain, problems and unhappiness and learn how to control this miserable mind.

9 Aug – The source of all our problems
15 Aug – The biggest obstacle to helping others
22 Aug – How to stop being selfish
30 Aug – Secret of Exchanging Self with others

The Healing Power of Compassion – week of 3 September to week of 24 September 4 weeks
What is empathy and what is compassion? Learn what these special minds are and how to develop them to enrich our daily life.

6 Sept – Developing Empathy
13 Sept – What is Compassion
20 Sept – The supreme inner wealth
27 Sept – All you need is love

What to expect at a class:
These classes are based on Buddha’s teachings on the mind, but you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend or to benefit from them. Each class consists of two guided meditations and an explanatory talk. 

The classes run for 90 minutes. Anyone can practise meditation and everyone is welcome to attend. There is no physical exercise involved and you can choose to sit either in a chair or on a cushion.

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience.
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