Back country hunting

We have a wide range of deer species, including red deer, wapiti (or elk), fallow, whitetail and chamois (or tahr).

There’s duck, feral sheep, wallabies, pigs, goats, possums, rabbits, hare and pheasants roaming the hill country and sub alpine wilderness.

You won’t need to get a license or pay fees for big game hunting (unlike duck hunting and fishing) – and you can do it year-round.

Go on safari

Timaru-based Stravon Safaris run guided hunting packages of between three and eight days within South Canterbury.

Find out more about their guided tours on Stravon.

Just up the road in Geraldine, Peel Forest Safaris offer customised safaris tours to hunt everything from red stag, fellow buck to wild goats and water fowl.

Find out more about their tour options on the Peel Forest Safaris.