Disc Golf

Have you given disc golf a try?

Disc Golf is  played much like traditional golf, except a disc (frisbee) is thrown into a basket.  The object is the same, to complete each hole by getting the disc into the basket in the fewest number of throws.

It’s a free fun activity which gets you outside for a bit of fresh air and gentle exercise. The holes aren't spaced too far apart so it's  an activity that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Course locations:

There are two courses in Timaru.  One at Caroline Bay, and one at West End Park.

Disc purchase:

You can purchase a disc starter pack from at Rebel Sport.  Or if you want to try before you buy you can hire them.

Disc hire for Caroline Bay:

Bay Hill Brewery Bar ($30 deposit which you get back when you return the discs).  You can also pick them up from Round Table at Community House, just send a message to the Round Table Facebook page.

Disc hire for West End Park:

Loaner discs available now from Henry's Bottle Store, a 2 minute walk from the first T. $10 deposit, $5 back on return of disc, cash only.